Software Benefits

  Legal Systematics is a Platinum Partner of HotDocs automated document assembly software which improves document production in the following ways:
    Gathering Facts
Efficiently gather information via intelligent intake questionnaires and interviews.
    Linking to Contacts
Capture information about people or import contacts from case management software such as Time Matters.
    Re-using Answers
Save answers so they can be used to prepare multiple documents.
    Generating Correspondence
Produce standard letters, faxes or memoranda to clients, courts and other parties in seconds.
    Handling Complex Logic
For more sophisticated templates, complex logic analysis in SpeedMatters templates determines how documents are structured and formatted.
    Optional Language
References to gender, singular/ plural and other options are handled automatically throughout documents.
    Rapid Document Assembly
Legal documents and forms are rapidly prepared for various practice areas including litigation, estate planning and corporate law.
    Editing Assembled Documents
If you need to modify an assembled document you can do so easily in Word, or you can preview/amend forms before sending them to Acrobat.
    High Quality Work Product
Assembled documents are attractive, accurate and are often ready to be signed without further editing.
    Reducing Errors
Some templates automatically perform calculations, such as prejudgment or post-judgment interest, saving time and reducing errors.

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